Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Greg Popovich showing the Hawks how it is done.

NZ showing SA how it is done.

Me going back to school to know how it is done.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Of Cliches

I am pretty much doing nothing at home. So other than watching movies, anything on television, reading, writing stuff, playing games and working out, I am pretty jobless!

You will understand how bored I truly am when you now read what I just saw the other day on television. There was nothing much to see.I usually switch between the travel and living channel star world, HBO and star movies. But now I was bored of that too.So I decided to see some Hindi movie. The first channel that I came across was the local cable channel and there was some move with Anil Kapoor and Sunny Deol in it. I decided to stick to this movie as I knew it would be a typical masala movie. What followed was masala indeed!

The movie was called Ram Avtaar. Ya you guessed it, The names of our heroes. The heroine was Sridevi. Unfortunately (or is it) it was the ending of the movie. Apparently Sunny Deol and Sridevi were this couple and AK and Sd were thick friends. But Ak marries Sridevi ( i dont know why). Then AK realises that ny best friend and sridevi were this hot couple and i cam in like a fool in between. So i mus reunite the lovers and il be the hero in the end. 

Now the 3 of them are standing in the room. AK says he is sorry for coming in between and blah blah.SD just stands there like a statue while AK goes on and on about friendship adn love. All this with some dramatic music in the background. Finally sridevi says that all this is rubbish. Friendship comes and goes and so does love. and she rants about how she was tossed between the 2 of them and that she was tired now (obviously with all that tossing) and that this marriage will b broken only if one of them dies.

Now AK has a bulb moment and he goes to the cabinet and opens it to find an amber bottle appropriately named "POISON" What follows will drive you crazy.

He consumes thw hole bottle in one go. SD and Sri jus watch. Suddenly they decide to help him. He is taken to the hospital. The sad sympathetic doctor si there, the operation theater with the red light is there and so is the clich├ęd IV drip. Doc comes to SD and says that all the blood in AK's body has to be replaced. Yes you heard me ALL THE BLOOD. AK is Rh -ve (kaunsa blood group, he does not say)

as you guessed it SD has the same blood group, he volunteers, they are connected by the IV drip. After a wile doc says enuf, SD will also die if he gives more blood (if AK needs ALL the blood then obviously)

doc goes to call blood banks in the hope of getting blood. SD sees that doc is awy. He increses the speed of transfusion. AK survives. Sd is unconscious now

After all the hulla gulla, both survive. Sridevi is lying in the temple. herprayers are answered, Both survive. Phew

between all this there were the typical dialogues

"Unki jaan Khatre mein hai"

"Mere pati ko bachao"

and etc

there was also this song playing...i cant remember the wordings but i only know it was as cheesy as the movie.

i think il look it up on the net...after all i have nothing to do!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Its the last time.......

....I run for the bus
I run for the auto
I try to grab my seat
I pretend to sleep
I curse 8-5 timings
I try to punch my card before hot point
I punch in the access code to the lab
I go for a 10 am cutting chai
I use a facebook proxy
I use a gmail proxy
I read e-books as an excuse to shirk work
I curse the canteen food
I bless the owner of food zone
I eat nutties secretly after lunch
I run for the 5pm bus
I play TT after missing the 5pm bus
I have bread butter jam cheese toast
I hog on cheese sandwich at nirlon
I look at the watch and say "wot its only been 2 hours since we came to work??"
I comment on how bad the guys look in the company
I open my Lotus notes for the nth time

However happy I am to go, there is still a small part of me that is left behind

Friday, May 14, 2010

Rise and Shine!

Recently the only thing that seems to be making news is cricket. While the whole country is ranting about our dismal performance at the T20 World cup, little thought is being given to the other champions in the country

Vishwanathan Anand: World Champion for the fourth time - the grandest of all grandmasters!

Sunil Chhetri: First ever Indian footballer to sign up for Major League Soccer!

Somdev Devarrman and Rohan Boppana: Doin great in tennis and are advancing in the ATP masters in Croatia

Indian Wrestlers: Winning gold medals in the Asian Wrestling Championships

There are so many other sportsmen like Saina Nehwal etc

While all this is happening, the media is only throwing light on IPL nites, how it caused fatigue causing them to under perform, how 3 players are overweight etc etc

The people blame the media for highlighting petty issues. The media vindicates its stand by saying that half the country does not even know who Sunil Chhetri is and that it is therefore not necessary to give him front page attention.

Both are to be blamed to a certain extent
Its high time we woke up and realize the values of such achievers in our country. A civilian award is going to do no good. Sponsorships, Infrastructre, access to facilities is what is going to take them forward and give them their due.
Hope we learn!

P.S: What did we learn from India's performance at the T20 WC?
Ans: Participation is more important than winning!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Step Up

I cannot stand people who take their own sweet time and who cannot walk fast in a public place.
When you are walking in Chembur station - please remember that it is not a park where you can come for a stroll and walk hand in hand with your partner
When you are walking on an overhead bridge - keep in mind that it is not a ramp for you to strut - We all have trains to catch
When you are standing at the door in a train - allow everyone to get down even thugh all you are doing is hogging the footboard space
When somebody asks you "CHEMBUR???" in the train - Just say yes evn though you dont actually plan to get down or else you are in for a lecture
And somebody please give me a T-shirt that says - "Yes i am getting down at Chembur"

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I have slipped into a routine and i hate it....I like the unpredictability that dawns on me everyday. I had a smashing weekend in Hyderabad. Now I find myself sticking to a timetable automatically, wake up, go to work, come back, do work at home, eat sleep.
Weekends are no different. Only sleep quota increases. I want to play some sport..
Have tried my hand at many but football and badminton remain my all time favorites.
Trying to find some places to play but my search is yielding no desirable results.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The title of the post says it all!I had blogged about Deshdrohi just as soon as I saw it..I saw it again with a friend of mine and could not help laughing at the inanely foolish KRK.
Those who saw Bigg(yes its spelt with a double G) Boss will vouch for the foolishness.
The guy claimed that he gets his water from Holland and milk from France...or was it the other way round? Never still sounds as foolish!!!!
He roams around in "dejiner" (as he claims...for the less informed I meant designer!) jeans...that looks nothing less than a patchwork quilt in my opinion!
And here comes the cherry on the cake....he wears a chain that has a GUN for a pendant...!!!!

He also claimed on the show that he is a multimillionaire, he hit on that firang chick, refused to have dinner till she told him an I love you....and was then later caught sneaking in a bite when everyone was asleep...
Some people do not need to make an effort...they just make fools of themselves